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Public Display Panels

The display panel market is constant, active and regularly upgraded with the latest technology available. Whether you are looking to engage your guests or children at home or if you are looking for a communication platform to share your message with clients, we can source and provide residential or B2B technology to match your needs.

Brands_0004_Small-pienk-blockPublic Display Panels  (PDPs)

Public Display Panels  (PDPs) – commercial grade electronic display screens are suitable for continuous use. Popular in corporate offices, retail spaces, hotels, transport hubs and public venues, digital signage panels create impactful messaging in full HD format. These panels are designed to operate between 12-24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 365 days a year.

Brands_0004_Small-pienk-blockTelevisions (TVs)

Televisions (TVs) – the panel industry has grown exponentially over the years. There is an enormous selection to choose from across various market brands. The faster technology advances, the quicker new models appear and the faster older models become obsolete. We provide a selection of panels for residential applications, smart or conventional use, that we have found to be consistently reliable and durable. The critical factor in selecting the right TV for you is ensuring the picture is of a high quality.

Brands_0004_Small-pienk-blockProjectors & Screens

Projectors & Screens – we source, provide and install all types of projectors for residential, corporate, halls, schools, churches and event video walls. From data projectors to interactive whiteboards we can assist you in applying simple communication tools that will assist you in connecting with your audience.

► Commercial & Professional Projectors.

► Fixed, Manual, Motorised and Automated Screens.

► Custom Projector Lifts.

► Interactive Whiteboards suitable for Corporates, Classrooms and Conference Venues.

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Electronic Components

Electronic Components

Advanced audio and video equipment has become readily available to the public, far exceeding the entertainment standards that existed a few years ago. Whether it’s a family movie in 3D, surround sound for your home theatre, a projector for games and movies or any other AV entertainment experience that you are looking for, we provide a wide range of products to choose from, helping to enhance your entertainment experience.

  • ► Media Players
  • ► DVD Players
  • ► Blu-Ray Players
  • ► Tuners
  • ► Home Theatre Systems
  • ► Projectors
  • ► Devices & Accessories

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High Fidelity (Hi-Fi) audio content for music and movies has the ability to emotionally draw a person into their listening experience. No two speakers are the same, the correct speaker choice is therefore critical when designing and installing a balanced system. Every speaker has different characteristics making some more suitable than others for a selected solution. Understanding a customers end result and expectation is crucial to making the correct speaker choices.


  • ►Home
  • ►Professional Audio
  • ►Surround Sound
  • ►Studio
  • ►Stereo
  • ►Corporate

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Control Systems


Control SystemsBrands-logo1_creston Elan

Remote Surveillance

Remote Surveilance

Remote video surveillance enables users to view live footage on a PC, laptop or handheld device from just about anywhere in the world that provides internet access. Remote security cameras are typically compatible with a wide range of web browsers allowing you to view them on almost any platform. Real-time video display is the primary selling point for remote monitoring combined with direct access to your live camera feed. The overall objective of remote surveillance is that you have the power and control to monitor your property without having to remain on-site.


Lights & Lighting

Lights & Lighting

Lighting control systems enable you to create mood enhancing scenes throughout a home or office environment. Automated lighting projects offer users full control over all indoor and outdoor lighting from any remote location provided there is internet access available. Working together with a client and their selected lighting consultants, we collaborate and programme bespoke light automation projects such as using a lighting system as an early warning security measure when a sensor is tripped or an alarm activated.


Cables & Structure Wiring

Cables and structure

Wireless networking is essential in any home or business environment. Access points are strategically placed throughout the required space providing a stable backbone to control the necessary system, allowing individuals to connect to a local WAP or LAN. Wired Networking requires wired LAN points to be installed for handling a VOIP solution and any other device that needs to be connected to a local LAN. The importance of top quality cabling cannot be stressed enough, we use the best available cabling on every job we deliver, understanding that any system is only as strong as its weakest link.

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Power Filtration

Power filtration

The purpose of power filtration is purely to ensure system protection, from simple surge arrestors to complex UPS units, there is a product to suit every installation. Due to load shedding and other issues on our local power grid, we believe that power filtration protection is a critical component in any system design.




Collaboration is the evolution from the previously standardised VC boardroom for video conferencing. Each service has its own merits and supports multiple approaches to communication, learning and research. VC is expected to be the preferred communication platform worldwide within the next two years. Selecting a service is dependent upon the task at hand. Features can include slide show presentations, interactive whiteboards and application sharing. Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMR) are an additional package option that can be included. These meetings are hosted in a ‘virtual environment’ allowing you to connect through the cloud and participate using a variety of technology devices such as an iPhone, iPad, android or laptop. Collaboration is fast becoming a popular choice for corporates worldwide in an effort to decrease expenditure on travel and accommodation costs for business meetings and presentations.